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Northwest Crew Asleep at the Switch?

A Northwest Airlines fight crew has been relieved of duty after controllers say the San Diego – Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) flight overflew the airport by 150 miles.


The pilots were so engrossed in a “heated discussion over airline policy,” they lost track of where they were, according to the NTSB. But skeptics suspect the two fell asleep. The Northwest Flight 188 A320 jet landed safely at MSP with 144 passengers on board, but not before the pilots had reportedly missed repeated radio calls to descend. Meanwhile, the North American Aerospace Defense Command placed military fighters on alert, fearing a possible hijacking.

Just Monday, Northwest’s parent company, Delta Airlines, landed a Boeing 767 on a taxiway instead of the runway at Atlanta-Hartsfield International.


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Barefoot Teen Stealing Airplanes

File this one under “bizarre”!

Cops say a bare-footed teen is suspected to be the serial plane bandit they seek in Idaho. Read story at:

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More Balloon Twists

The Larimer County Sheriff’s office asked a Colorado State University physics professor, who determined the balloon would have been too heavy to fly if the 40-lb boy had he actually climbed inside.

(check Oct 15 – 17 blogs below for full story).

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Arrest Imminent in “Balloon Boy” Incident

The Larimer County Sheriff says he is pursuing criminal charges and executed a search warrant at the home of Richard and Mayumi Heene, following a major incident where authorities scrambled to save the couple’s son, Falcon.

(Falcon and dad, Richard shown in photo)

Two days ago, the family led authorities to believe the six-year-old was trapped inside a runaway helium balloon. But once the boy was found to be safe, concern shifted to whether the family was engaged in a hoax (see Oct 16, 17 blogs below). Sheriff deputies interviewed the family and a search warrant was executed, in which a computer along with several boxes were reported to be confiscated.

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Were We Scammed?

The skeptics are growing louder.

Yesterday, people across the country held their collective breath watching live TV as a runaway helium balloon believed to be carrying a young boy trapped inside drifted high across the Colorado skies (see October 15 blog below).

But today skepticism is growing in the face of fresh information.

First, despite numerous attempts to find him on the ground, the boy was reported to be found hiding in a box upstairs shortly after the craft landed with no one aboard. When the family later appeared on live TV and the boy asked why he didn’t come out when called, the six-year-old said he did it “for the show.” When the father was asked to ask the boy what he meant by that, the father refused and instead abruptly ended the interview.

When the question was pressed on yet another interview, the boy said he felt like he was going to vomit.

It turns out the family are storm-chasers. The balloon was apparently built for this purpose. If the father knew the boy had already attempted to climb inside once, would he not have kept a close eye on the youngster after that? And having spent so much effort constructing a weather balloon, wouldn’t the dad take extraordinary precautions to ensure it could never accidentally fly off?

Moreover, the family has appeared twice on a wife-swapping reality show and have multiple uploads posted on the Internet. Skeptics say nation-wide publicity had the potential to benefit the family in many ways.

Police are investigating.

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US Airways, United Levied Heavy Fines by FAA

Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article:

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Six-Year-Old Adrift in Balloon!

A six-year-old boy is missing and was thought to be aloft inside a homemade helium balloon, constructed by his family, and drifting near the Denver area.


Parents were fearful the child secretly climbed into the craft, which somehow became untethered and drifted away. Live television followed the craft, which looks like a silvery Jiffy-Pop popcorn utensil. It is reported to be 20 feet across and five feet high at an altitude of approximately 2500 feet, and moving roughly 25 mph along with the currents.

Craft eventually landed gently, but the child was not inside. There are fresh worries the child could have already fallen out, but the craft appeared to be fully intact.

The boy was later found hiding in a box! Seems his dad had already yelled at him for trying to crawl in the balloon moments before the craft broke free of its moorings, and the family concluded the worse.

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