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Jay Rollins: New Rules on Tarmac, WPLG

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Jay Rollins talks about new rules on tarmacs with WPLG reporter in Miami, FL

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Stow-A-Way Falls From Jet

Jay Rollins to CBS4 in Miami about man falling from aircraft.

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Capt Jay Observations on Everglades Plane Crash

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jay talks safety considerations in light of the recent plane crash in the Everglades.

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Capt Jay TV Interview on Everglades Crash

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Senate, Airlines Work to Limit Tarmac Delays

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Jay Rollins with a video update on US Senate addressing excessive airline delays and United Airlines incident.

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Great Photos of Earth From Nasa

NASA has released some new photos that are just spectacular.  From sand storms to hurricane Bertha, the high-resolution images are getting folks talking about many Planet issues like global warming.

Check out the CNN article here.

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I Love To Fly

Balloons are prepare...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Maybe it’s the mystery surrounding the idea of a human being flying where the birds do, or the quiet of floating in a hot air balloon.  It’s a wonderful thing and I suggest you seek as many forms of flight as you can.

Jay is really a great guy and an amazing expert in the aviation field.

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