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Captain Jay Comments on Blog Upgrade

To All Readers:

The Captain Jay Aerospace blog is a-changing for the better!


Much of the kudos goes to Jim Robinson, the savviest “techie” I know! Jim has single-handedly given the blog a fresh new look. He also inspired and then assisted me in adding personal video messages to the blog (see the first below). And soon, web-surfers can find the blog at a much easier address:

I hope you enjoy the changes! Visit passively, comment or even contribute material as you like, and return often. Pass the word on to your air & space-loving friends! Don’t forget, you can be personally notified of every important update, simply by signing up to “follow me” at Twitter:

Jay Rollins


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Senate, Airlines Work to Limit Tarmac Delays

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Jay Rollins with a video update on US Senate addressing excessive airline delays and United Airlines incident.

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Red Sparrows Precision Flight Team Debuts

Submitted by Mike Preihs from

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The Next ValuJet?

new-design-plane-450hn-092209A British Design firm thinks this is the future of budget airline seating.

 According to a September 27 article in the “Telegraph,” Design Q of the UK says the side-seating design borrowed from buses and trains could cut seat-costs up to one-third for budget carriers. 

The design is intended for short-haul flights, where passengers are less concerned with comfort.  Serving carts would be eliminated, since the aisles would be too narrow anyway.  But no carts and lighter seats mean less weight and better fuel efficiency for the airline, which hopefully translates to lower fares for passengers. 

 Sounds good, but has anyone considered the side-seating “puke” factor? 

 And experts say rear-facing seats are the safest.  It’s very hard to imagine how these flip-up, potty-style side-seats can offer even the moderate crash-safety provided by today’s forward-facing airline seats.

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Military Pilots Sue Continental

airlines_1Continental is facing a class-action lawsuit after three of their pilots complain the company punishes them for time spent flying in the military reserves.

A fourth complaining pilot says he now works for another carrier after he was denied employment at Continental.  He alleges during his pre-employment interview that company officials made disparaging remarks regarding his reserve military commitments.  The pilot says he concluded this is part of a pattern at Continental after talking to other pilots with similar experiences.

Federal law forbids employers to discriminate against military reservists.  Indeed, the Chicago Tribune reports American Airlines settled a similar suit in 2008 by promising to give pilots the same vacation and leave time they would have earned if they had not attended military reserve duties.

Federal law requires employers to


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The Antidote to 9-11

Looks like NASA’s double-shuttle mission to refurbish the Hubble space telescope is an unmitigated success (see May 11 blog below), and they accomplished the task at just the right time!

Now, you can counter the enormous sadness of September 11, 2001, or any other day, when you “take two of these, and call me in the morning”!  Here are two eye-popping videos, sure to expand your mind far beyond the evil we sometimes witness here on earth.  

The first video shows the wonder as scientists first switched the repaired telescope back on …

And the second concisely explains why any of this matters.   I recommend starting the video from the 1:55 timemark …

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Moon Rocket Tests Successfully, but Will It Fly?

Here is video of an Ares I rocket successfully test-firing in the Utah desert today.  The new rocket is slated to replace the ageing space shuttle powering the next generation of US manned spacecraft to the moon and beyond.  However, the jury is still out if the high cost will yet doom the system  (see full story in July 30 blog below).

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